Malin 4 patient chair!

Malin is an electric patient chair that highly appreciated, especially with the wireless hand control. With the extended height you can easily do eye exams standing up.

There are many accessories available, driving handles, armrests, foot support and more.  All the accessories can be found in our Brochure or on the website.

Malin is available in 3 different base models, Swing, Rock and Slim.

Please contact us for more information or questions. We have distributors around the world, if you can’t find your country in the list please contact us and we will help you further. Contact information to our distributors


Lars Svenson

President/ CEO

Rini Proudly presents The Onegrip headrest with its intuitive design that’s easy to use and understand adjustment possibilities.

The new slimmer headrest has better access for the surgeon, with greater height adjustment than the double link!

The Onegrip headrest can be adjusted using only one hand and gives the possibility to seamless adjust the headrest.

One grip headrest has a quick release so that you easy can change between different headrests.

The One grip Luigi headrest is easy to adjust even under sterile coverage and it will suite many disciplines, with this super slim design.
A demand among maxillofacial, plastic surgeons and other disciplines have been a headrest that seamlessly can be angled to get better access, with the possibility of lateral tilt!

More information available here

Contact us or your local distributor or us to get more information!


Lars Svenson

President/ CEO

Rini  proudly precent the new Malin 4 patient chairs, they are still available in RockSwing and Slim.

Malin 4 chair has a new wireless hand control that’s waterproof and with a slimmer design to fit better in your hand. It comes with a strap and a holder.

The new IR solution have a sleeker look and consumes less battery.

There are many accessories available, driving handles, armrests, foot support and more. The electrical brake is now activated /deactivated with one button.

All accessories and more information can be found in the Malin Brochure or on our website, please see link below.

Patient chairs & Device tables – Rini Medtech

Please contact us for more information or questions. We have distributors around the world, if you can’t find your country in the list please contact us and we will help you further. Contact information to our distributors


Malin Brochure can be downloaded here




Lars Svenson

President/ CEO

Request from some surgeons have been that the brake button should be less sensitive, this is now a possible for all new Carl Mk2 chairs ordered.

Choosing the new function, surgeon must press the brake button 2 seconds until it activates, so it’s not accidently activated.

Another new choice is that the brake confirmation beep sound can be disabled when new Carl chairs are ordered, all warning sounds are still active.


So please let us know if you would like your new Carl chair order with:

Delayed brake function

No beep on the brake

Please feel free to tell us your thought and wishes to make our products better.

Do you have any request of function on our products?



Lars Svenson

President/ CEO

What do you require from a new surgeon chair?

It can be a challenge to find the right one, so we hope the new brochure for our Carl surgeon chairs will guide you to find the one that suites your demand.

The opportunities are numerous, all our Carl chairs are available with different arms and seats.

Carl is available with a variety of different bases, should it be electric or mechanical, with a brake or without, would you like to have 3,4 or 5 wheels?

Your body need support during a working day, to reduce the risk of pain and strain injuries. A well-adapted chair with proper arm supports will also minimize the risk of hand tremble.

You can download the brochure here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or your local distributor for more information.

Lars Svenson

President/ CEO

We have made a new brochure for the RiEye Mk2S and its accessories!

Our intension is, to make it easier to understand the RiEye’s various accessories, advantages, and customer benefits. Give a better description of all accessories, that will improve ergonomics for both staff and patients and achieve hospital or clinic workflow and gives a better traceability to the product catalogue 2023 Issue 2.

Please take an extra look at our Lithium battery, less than half the weight compared with standard, a lot more capacity, twice the number of operating cycles and a double life span.

You can download the brochure here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or your local distributor for more information and if you have further questions.


Lars Svensson


We would like to wish all of you a happy holiday and a great start of 2023. A special thanks all our distributors and end users for this year!

We’re looking towards 2023, development is already in progress and more new releases are soon to come.

It’s been a great 2022, with many new product releases precented, we are sure that all end users are enjoying their new Rini items. We are happy that so many more appreciate our ergonomic products and understand the benefit of good ergonomics for the staff and patients and that Rini contribute to making work more efficient.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us or your local distributor, to get more information and to find the best solution for you.

We have been focusing on digital meetings with our end users and distributors to show our products, this has given us more time with each and every one of you and we hope to keep seeing you further on.

Happy holidays and all the best to you in the year to come from us at Rini!

Lars Svenson

President/ CEO

Thanks to our users, distributors, and our development staff, we have launched new items!

Your feedback is crucial for us, so that our items can evolve. So please tell us your experience of our products.

For 2023 Illusion black and blue is our standard fabric for RiEye!

Lithium battery for RiEye Mk2s, with higher capacity and less weight than the standard lead battery. The lithium-iron battery can do twice the amount of operating cycles and are easy to charge due to the low weight of the battery.

Reverse Trendelenburg, up to 12° for RiEye Mk2s, this has been a request from some doctors. This is a technique for lowering central venous pressure without decreasing blood pressure. Please see picture above.

Bracket for oxygen tank, that is placed on the frame of the RiEye Mk2s. The bracket is versatile and different sizes of containers fits and are secured in place with velcro. Please see picture above,

Footrest for Carl Foot, this is preferable for surgeons seated high up, during longer surgeries.

Remember to put in your orders promptly for delivery this year!

Now 2023 years prices are available, don’t hesitate to contact us or your local distributor to get more information.


Lars Svensson


Now half of 2022 has passed, and we are experiencing a short but beautiful summertime in Sweden. We can state that the half year has started well with increased sales of our products RiEye Mk2S operating table and Carl surgical chairs, we thank everyone who has been involved and contributed to the continues positive trend.

One size fit all is definitely not true for micro surgeons in Eye, ENT, Neuro, Plastic, Dental and Robot surgery! Our ergonomic surgeon chair Carl is increasing in popularity, one reason is the modular structure, and we can reach a wider user group. Carl is available with both three or four wheels and has many armrest options adapted for different types of surgical areas. Choosing the right armrest is of course fundamental and below follows a historical timeline flashback:

R6 “Rilis”armrests with mechanical joints also named “Safety armrest”, early patented, and mounted on Rini surgical chairs from 1998. Mainly for Ophthalmology and Dental surgery. We have delivered around 13.000 armrests. Can be used for all Carl chairs models and several improvements have been made during the years.

R8 “FlexiDoc” armrests with mechanical joints, can be adjusted by surgeon in height and length with one button when armrests are sterile draped. Mainly for Neurosurgery and sold as Carl Mk2 R8.

R5 “Easy” armrests with ball joint armrest that can be used for all Carl chairs models. Rini has manufactured different kind of ball joint armrests since year 2002 mainly for OEM sales and offered these for Carl Mk2 since 2018.

R7 “One grip” armrests with gas piston joint to be more balanced and stable compared to a ball joint. Can be fine-tuned by surgeon even if its sterile draped and mainly for Ophthalmology and Robot surgery. R7 options include convex formed arm cushions and extended height adjustment mainly for Neurosurgeons. Arm cushion soft and rectangular shape, manly for Neurosurgeons but can also be used for all kind of microsurgery.

The above provides an explanation for the Carl surgeon chairs success and Rini´s strong position in the competitive marketplace to provide the best ergonomic work environment for micro surgeons.

Finally, the Rini factory will be closed for the summer from July 11 and will reopen on August 1. No deliveries will take place during that time, but inquiries and support will, as usual, be handled in the best possible way.

Stay safe and I am looking forward hearing from you.

Lars Svensson


Rini is expanding its market areas with a new generation of Carl 4-wheel electrically controlled surgical chairs. The new generation of our popular 4-wheeled surgical chairs Carl Foot&Heel have been given an attractive appearance and several ergonomic improvements for the surgeon as well as service-friendly construction based on a modular platform.

The new Carl 4 Foot&Heel models meet ergonomic demands from an expanded number of market areas. The chairs are easily adapted with our different variants of Rini armrests designed in cooperation with users. Carl 4 Foot&Heel are of course, as before, useful for ophthalmology and robotic surgery and other similar microsurgical procedures. Worth mentioning, available now are the R7 models with the option of rectangular armrests and extended height adjustment, which makes the chairs an excellent tool for neurosurgeons and similar long-time procedures where surgeons sitting with arms high up and in front oneself.

The surgeon’s chairs have also been given a new control system with lifting columns that have quieter motion and with a soft-starting and stopping height adjustment function. The undercarriage is now the same as for 3-wheel Carl Mk2 surgeon chairs, with separate controls for back adjustment and angling of the well-balanced seat. For mounting the various armrests, perhaps one the main improvement is that they can be adjusted freely in the longitudinal direction on the armrest rails. The Carl 4 chairs has an adaptive chassis that ensures that they always stand firmly even on uneven floors. The mechanical brake pedal controlled by the surgeon is improved, smooth to maneuver and has distinct positions for locked or free-swinging wheels, all wheels are as in previous models with quality bearing and double treads for good mobility and stability.

All-in-all our initial user evaluations have been very positive and deliveries at full scale will start this month. Contact your local Rini distributor us direct for more information and availability.

Lars Svensson